An award-winning, professional photographer for more than 35 years,Terry's photography covers images from corporate America to the fine-arts. (see for his fine art portfolio). His most recent clientele includes international engineering firms, nationally renowned construction companies, and architecture firms as well as the performing arts.


 Terry's extensive photography portfolio is an impressive blend of reality and artistry, a distinctive trait in his craft. His photography is featured in national advertisements, business development brochures, magazine covers, annual reports and websites. The important and more subtle details of your project come out through his ability to capture the unique aspects of your vision.


In addition to being a natural artist, Terry's education in fine arts and his expertise in design, allows him to build on your initial concepts and deliver your message in a memorable way. Whether photographing tradesmen, a CEO or construction project; photos from a helicopter or atop a bridge, a building or the interior of your prominent undertaking, a story is captured in every photo.